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What is Business Listing?

Think of Business Listing as an advertising supplement to your search engine listing, and to your BtoBMart. When you purchase Business Listing, you can enter information about your business, merchandise, location, and contact Information. This information appears in the Business Listing online directory at When internet users use the search engines to look up information related to your business, the search results will include your Business Listing. Your Business Listing includes a link to your web site, and the content of your listing is optimized for search engines. Both improve your Web site’s search engine ranking.bIn addition, for most domain names, we deliver your Business Listing content in your BtoBMart results, giving customers another way to find you.

What does Premium Listing show that is different from regular listing?

Premium Business Listing allows you to supply specific information about your business, location and contact information on the first page of BtoBMart. Other than that we provide you Search Engine Optimisation for specific keywords we mutally agreed on. Premium User will be on the top of priority table if any visitor requested in your respective field

Do search engines access the Business Listing information in BtoBMart?

Yes, search engines crawl our BtoBMart, and when they do so, they crawl your Business Listing information. Our expert team takes care that search engine like Google always scroll your business listing and show your information on top when searched for.

Are all types of businesses eligible?

Yes, however we do a simple check to ensure all requests meet all the directory terms and conditions.

Why are all businesses not listed in the Niagara Falls Business Directory?

Participation in the business directory is voluntary, not mandatory. It simply reflects those businesses who wish to participate in the on-line directory. In order for the information to appear on the internet, businesses must meet the standard requirements.

How can I add my local business to the BtoBMart?

You can Submit a New Business Listing using the online form, or fill out a paper form (available at our Office).

How can I enhance my listing, to get more visibility?

You can use our premium services to get more visibility and hence higher search engine rank.

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