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5 top most lucrative career opportunities in the Aviation Industry

5 top most lucrative career opportunities in the Aviation Industry

Most of us have a childhood dream to fly in the sky or to become a pilot. Aviation sector is one for our all dreams. The aviation industry is considered as a fast-growing industry that offers a wide range of opportunities and other lots of facilities. It is noted that there is far more to aviation than just being a pilot. In this there are many good career options for the individuals, to choose from.One can become a Pilot, Gate Attendant, Cabin Crew etc. Below is list of some good career pathways and their work information.

Here is a list of 5 top most career options for the candidates:

  1. Flight Dispatcher: The job of a flight dispatcher is crucial for the pilots to complete a successful journey. They share the details of the route to pilot for an individual flight, share weather reports and informing the pilot in case of any hazard. They are responsible to ensure the aircraft is safe and ready to fly.
  2. Aerospace Engineer: These people research on the production material used for the construction of an aircraft. They keep aircraft in working order through maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Also, aerospace engineer’s co-ordinate test flights and document the whole result.
  3. Airport Operation Manager: Operation manager is responsible for supervising the coordination between the operations in the airport and make sure that all the operations are running smoothly. Hence, the position of the Operation manager is vital in the airport to keep the entire airport functioning properly. This is one of the best career choices if you have the good management skills and have the ability to handle lots of activities.
  4. Air traffic controller: An air traffic controller co-ordinate the movements of the air traffic and ensure the safety of aircraft and all passengers. They issue all landing and takeoff instruction to pilots, control all the ground traffic at the airport, and manage communication, alerts airport response staff in case of an aircraft emergency.
  5. Cabin Crew: In this career choice, a person works for the comfort and safety of the passengers traveling on aircraft. Crews are trained to deal with the security and emergency situations which may arise at any time and can administer first aid to passengers. The Cabin crew or flight attendant knew as (stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses, cabin attendant). With the safety of the passengers; they also offering them food and beverages.

There are many other dozens of career options in Aviation sector which are best and offer a lot of opportunities. All the above-mentioned career options are excellent and offer great pay scale and many other additional benefits. Salary of the different post can vary depending on a number of factors. Evaluate each career option before selecting a career pathway for you.  Choose the best one for you according to your interest and qualification.

Spice Jet, Indian Airlines, Indigo, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air India etc. are some top aviation companies in India which offer endless Aviation Jobs Openings every year to young candidates. For making your position in such big companies or to make your future bright it is necessary to focus on all the essential skills and qualification.

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  • 11 April 2018
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