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About DesignShapers

DesignShapers, established in 2002 under the vibrant leadership of principal architect Preeti Arora, is a design, build, project management & consultancy firm.

Since 1999, from a humble beginning with a small team, the organization has grown considerably in terms of size and professional experience. It is now a group of highly experienced Architects with a common vision of delivering the best solutions in the industry. It brings on board a rich experience borne out of a multitude of assignments ranging from private residences, residential complexes, commercial buildings, guest houses and service apartments to development of civil projects and corporate offices.

The design team draws on several years of experience in the construction, interior and Landscape industry to create solutions that plan projects and implement technology in ways that enable new processes and allows the development process to adapt to business needs.

The team has in its portfolio, a variety of assignments ranging from private residences to corporate and commercial works.

In this collaboration we are working on land feasibility reports for properties across the UK and bring them up to a Pre-application status.

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