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Karshni Architects


About Karshni Architects

Karshni Architects & Interior is a firm which is Established in the year 1999 at Delhi NCR, India by MR DINESH KUMAR SHARMA, a highly experienced person in building construction along with his son, AR. KARTIK SHARMA, Studio CHIEF Architect. 
Karshni Architects & Interior is a firm which is working on the principal of conceptual designs for interior as well as planning the morphology behind this idea to change the perception of people towards architecture and to create aesthetic as well as functional use of space.
Our Firm consists of a team of experienced principals, and younger talent trained at the finest institutions of India. We take pride in providing our clients with the highest level of services in the fields of Architecture, Interior designing, residential building design, commercial building designs, Hospital Designs, Industrial Architecture, Project Management Consultancy, Home furnishings, Home Art, Commercial Art & 3D visualizations of various projects.
With more than 18 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior designing and a unique methodology of approach to design, we use our detailed understanding of materials, design capabilities, space analysis and combine it with technology to create 3-Dimensional images and walk-through of the space to provide our client with a complete picture of the end result even before the project has begun.

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