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Speak With Yogesh


About Speak With Yogesh

Yogesh Saudagar gives tips to improve the voice and solved other problems occurred during speaking. He realized that speaking itself a science which needs to be learned and enjoy. He not only works on the physical aspect of voice but, also gives much emphasis on the mental aspect of speaking. It is a complete process which involved many factors which we don’t even think about.

A self-sufferer due to fast pace speaking and high pitched voice. Now by self-experience gives training to people on communication. The aim is to people realized the science of voice production and enjoy a beauty of speaking. Have thousands of followers on YouTube around the world, may it Europe, US, Asia, with people thanking him after getting improved due to tips shared by him.

Speaking training for everyone, be it professionals, student, marketing, sales or even for talking in social life.

other services for people who want to learn speaking hindi or english.

Your voice is the essence of your personality –Take care.

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