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Manufacture & Supplier Aadinath Bartan Bhandar

Aadinath Bartan Bhandar


About Aadinath Bartan Bhandar

Aadinath  Bartan Bhandar is Wholesale And Distributor of Milton and kitchenware. Any Kind of Cookware, Kitchenware or any Utensil just Contact Mr. Neel Jain, owner of Aadinath Bartan Bhandar.

If the name, Milton, brings on nostalgia about school-day tiffin meals, reminds you of daily office-squabbles for hot food from your colleagues’ lunch boxes, or invokes memories of so many houseware products that brought convenience to life, then you already know who we are and what we do. To introduce ourselves formally, Milton is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of houseware products in the country. We are the authors of Change, Innovation and Evolution in all we do.

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